<HTML> <head> <META http-equiv="Content-Type" content="text/html; charset=Shift_JIS"> <title>0000 00000 000 Palayer Mathilde</title> <META NAME="KEYWORDS" CONTENT="Palayer,Mathilde,000,0000,0000"> <meta name="DESCRIPTION" CONTENT="Palayer Mathilde 0000 00000 000 0000"> <META NAME="ROBOTS" CONTENT="ALL"> <style type="text/css"> h1 { font-size:25px; margin:1px; padding:1px; } </style> <style type="text/css"> h2 { font-size:18px; margin:1px; padding:1px; } </style> <style type="text/css"> h3 { font-size:17px; margin:1px; padding:1px; } </style> </head> <BODY bgcolor="black"> <center> <table width="950"><tr><td> <a href="http://www.magico.co.jp"><img src="76131.gif" border=0 alt="00000 000 000 X MAGICO"></a><br><br> <font color="#FCE5D6" size=1 face="meiryo"> <a href="http://www.magico.co.jp"><font color="#FCE5D6" size=1 face="meiryo">00000\^ MAGICO 000 Top</font></a> > <a href="http://www.magico.co.jp/livc.htm"><font color="#FCE5D6" size=1 face="meiryo">000 000</font></a> > 0000 00000 Palayer Mathilde </td></tr></table><br><br> <FONT COLOR=red FACE="meiryo"> <h1><strong>Palayer</strong> <strong>Mathilde</strong></h1> <br> <font size=2 color=white><h2><strong>Cello</strong> <strong>000</strong> 2014</h2><br> <a href="http://www.governo.it/"><img src="http://www.magico.co.jp/bandieraitalia.jpg" border="0" alt="0000 ITALY ITALIA"></a><br><br> <font size=2 color=white><h3><strong>ITALY</strong> <strong>0000</strong></h3><br> <font size=3 color=white> "Antonio Stradivari" 00000000 Model<br><br> <ffCertification by Maestro "Palayer Mathilde" <br><br><br> <table width=650><tr><td height="30"><font size=2 color=white STYLE="line-height:180%">0000 00000Palayer Mathilde</font><br> <font size=2 color=white STYLE="line-height:140%"> The passion of hand made work and music bring me progressively and naturally to the violin making world. I studied Art in France and came to Italy to entry at the International School of Violin Maker I.P.I.A.L.L " Antonio Stradivari" in CREMONA. Contemporarily, I studied in the workshop of Maestro Raffaello Di Biagio, whom style will inspired my futur works. After obtaining the diploma in 2009 in Cremona, I went to France in Lyon at the Matre luthier Alexandre Snitkovski's workshop, pupil of Matre luthier Jean-Frederic Schmitt. Here I can perform me in restoration and set-up of violins and diversify my learning. Now, I build new instruments in modern Cremonese school, with certificate of authenticity. All my instruments are unique and recognizable thanks to special signs which avoids counterfeits. I use the best quality of italian spruce of Val di Fiemme and maple of Balkans. </table><br> <br><br> <img src="158041.jpg" alt="0000 00000 000 0000"> <img src="158042.jpg" alt="Palayer Mathilde Cello ITALY"><br><br> <img src="158043.jpg" alt="0000 00000 000 0000"> <img src="158044.jpg" alt="Palayer Mathilde Cello ITALY"><br><br> <img src="158045.jpg" alt="0000 00000 000 0000"> <img src="158046.jpg" alt="Palayer Mathilde Cello ITALY"><br><br> <img src="158047.jpg" alt="0000 00000 000 0000"> <img src="158048.jpg" alt="Palayer Mathilde Cello ITALY"><br><br> <img src="158049.jpg" alt="0000 00000 000 0000"> <img src="1580410.jpg" alt="Palayer Mathilde Cello ITALY"><br><br> <img src="1580411.jpg" alt="0000 00000 000 000 0000"> <img src="1580412.jpg" alt="MAGICO Palayer Cello ITALY"><br><br> <img src="1580413.jpg" alt="0000 00000 000 000 0000"> <img src="1580414.jpg" alt="MAGICO Palayer Cello ITALY"><br><br> <img src="1580415.jpg" alt="0000 00000 000 000 0000"> <img src="1580416.jpg" alt="MAGICO Palayer Cello ITALY"><br><br> <img src="1580417.jpg" alt="0000 00000 000 000 0000"> <img src="1580418.jpg" alt="MAGICO Palayer Cello ITALY"><br><br> <img src="1580419.jpg" alt="0000 00000 000 000 0000"> <img src="1580420.jpg" alt="MAGICO Palayer Cello ITALY"><br><br> <img src="1580421.jpg" alt="0000 000 000 0000"> <img src="1580422.jpg" alt="MAGICO Palayer Cello ITALY 0000"><br><br> <img src="1580423.jpg" alt="0000 000 000 0000"> <img src="1580424.jpg" alt="MAGICO Palayer Cello ITALY 0000"><br><br> <img src="1580425.jpg" alt="0000 000 000 0000"> <img src="1580426.jpg" alt="MAGICO Palayer Cello ITALY 0000"><br><br> <img src="1580427.jpg" alt="0000 000 000 0000"><br><br> <img src="1580428.jpg" alt="MAGICO Palayer Cello ITALY 0000"><br><br> <img src="1580429.jpg" alt="0000 000 000 0000"><br><br> <img src="1580430.jpg" alt="MAGICO Palayer Cello ITALY 0000"><br><br> <img src="1580431.jpg" alt="000 000 0000"><br><br> <center> <font size=2 color=red FACE="meiryo"> J0OUT0[0 <ruby> <rb>0120-878797</rb> <rp>(</rp> <rt>0000000</rt> <rp>)</rp> </ruby><br><br> <a href="http://www.magico.co.jp/afsapo.htm"> <img src="magias.gif" border="0" alt=" _^J0S0qbD0hQf0n0\OTk00MagicoO</a> <br><br> <a href="http://www.magico.co.jp/72r.htm" target=new> <img src="12345.gif" border=0 alt="T0)R(uO0`0U0D0 RrRUbD00000n0T0HhQ"></a><br><br> <br><table width="600" height="20"> <tr><td><font size=2 color=white face="meiryo" STYLE="line-height:170%"> 151-00510qgN n7:SCSę07 5-3-16-1F00Tel 03-5368-1250 / Fax 03-5368-1251<br> Magico Call 0120-8787970/0e-mail<a href="mailto:info@magico.co.jp" target=new><font size=2 color=white STYLE="line-height:170%">info@magico.co.jp</a>0/0<a href="http://www.magico.co.jp" target=new><font size=2 color=white STYLE="line-height:170%">www.magico.co.jp</a>0<br>SirFU1S< qgNlQ[YTO01S,{303320405258S \ <a href="http://www.magico.co.jp/tuhanhou.htm" target=new><font size=2 color=white STYLE="line-height:170%">"OXlk0We0O0h:y</a></td></tr></table><br> <br><a href="http://www.magico.co.jp"> <img src="crex.gif" border=0 alt="00000 000 000 X MAGICO"></a><br>0 </td></tr></table> <script type="text/javascript"> var _gaq = _gaq || []; _gaq.push(['_setAccount', 'UA-16113071-2']); _gaq.push(['_trackPageview']); (function() { var ga = document.createElement('script'); ga.type = 'text/javascript'; ga.async = true; ga.src = ('https:' == document.location.protocol ? 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